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Study MBA In Germany : A Guide for Indian Students

Empowering Futures, Breaking Barriers! Picture a world where every learner's dream comes true. Our vision? Seamlessly guiding you to public universities, ensuring education is a universal right. With innovation and personalized support, TeneduTech is crafting a catchy tune of empowerment and a brighter, barrier-free educational future!"


University Selection

Research and choose public universities that offer your preferred course in germany and Italy.

Application Process

we will help you in the specific admission requirements for your chosen program and university

Visa Application

Once admitted, apply for a student visa our team will help you in the specific visa requirements


we will be helping in Explore housing options, such as university dormitories or private rentals.

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Great way to get into public university

At the core of TeneduTech mission is the commitment to provide students with a pathway to quality education in public universities two of Europe's leading academic hubs, Germany and Italy. We strive to bridge the gap between aspirations and achievements by offering comprehensive support and personalized guidance throughout the entire application process.

Our team of experienced education consultants is dedicated to providing expert guidance tailored to each student's unique academic and personal profile. From selecting the right course to navigating the intricacies of the application process, we are here to ensure a smooth journey to your dream university.



Our Public University Programs

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Master's Programs in Germany

German public universities offer diverse master's programs, spanning engineering, natural sciences, humanities, and business. Typically lasting two years, these programs emphasize research and practical application, often delivered in English for international appeal.

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Bachelor's Programs in Germany

German bachelor's programs, lasting three to four years, cover various fields, such as engineering, natural sciences, humanities, and business. Available in both German and English, they incorporate lectures, seminars, and practical training, with admission requiring a high school diploma or equivalent qualification.

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Master's Programs in Italy

Italian public universities provide one to two-year master's programs in arts, sciences, engineering, and social sciences. Proficiency in Italian may be necessary, with an emphasis on academic research and professional development, often requiring a relevant bachelor's degree for admission.

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Bachelor's Programs in Italy

Italian bachelor's programs, spanning three years, encompass humanities, natural sciences, engineering, and social sciences. While some are available in English, many are conducted in Italian, requiring a high school diploma for admission. The curriculum includes lectures, seminars, and practical components for a comprehensive education.

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our vision & mission is to get you placed into the pubic university

At TeneduTech, our vision is to empower students globally by providing a seamless pathway to prestigious public universities in Germany and Italy. Recognizing the importance of international education, we aspire to be the catalyst that connects ambitious learners with top-tier academic institutions, fostering a diverse and inclusive learning environment.

TeneduTech provides individualized counseling to guide students through the entire university application process, ensuring they choose the right academic path for their goals.

Student enquiry received by the us

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student eligibility confirmation

course option identification, shorlisting and finalization

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commencement of Admission application process for the finalized programs

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Admission offer issued by University/Institute

Offer letter handover to the partner

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Visa Process

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Visa Outcome

handover of required crednetials to the student

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